How tech support companies around the world are reacting to the constraints of providing assistance with the reality of lockdowns and corona virus threat.”

The COVID-19 pandemic quickly thrust tech support companies into an unprecedented situation and presented a colossal challenge. In a time of immense uncertainty, the demands placed on these organisations has never been greater.

In many ways, the sector has been a pacesetter in its response to global events. Companies like Facebook and Google cancelled conferences.

Maurice Brosnan

Apple moved its Worldwide Developers Conference over to an all-digital format and took measures to combat coronavirus misinformation. Apps that don’t come from official health organizations and governments have been removed.

At RealMac IT, our goal is to help businesses excel with maximum efficiency and minimal interruption. RealMac IT offers Apple automated support.

In particular, Apple appreciate the need to contribute on multiple fronts. As well as providing for their customers and staff, the multinational tech giant also recognised how their resources can aid the fight against coronavirus.

Last week, they announced a unique partnership with Google to help health authorities track and contain coronavirus cases via smart phones.

“For tech support companies, our response has to be two-fold,” explains software developer Simon O’Reilly of American cloud-based software company Salesforce. They have offices around the world in cities like Sydney, Johannesburg, London and New York but have put measures in place so that employees can work remotely.

“We need to ensure our own staff have the infrastructure to work from home, whilst simultaneously providing increased support for all our customers who have also started to do so.”

At RealMac IT, our goal is to help businesses excel with maximum efficiency and minimal interruption. RealMac IT offers Apple automated support.

The global imperative for social distancing means many employees are now working from home. In response to that, several tech companies have offered their services to help that happen. Numerous remote remote-work tools are now free to assist people stay connected.

LogMeIn, a provider of software and cloud-based remote connectivity services, is making “Emergency Remote Work Kits” available free for three months. The kits are aimed towards nonprofits, schools, and healthcare organisations. It includes services such as GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, where users can host conferences for over 2,5000 users.

American network software company Cisco has made its Webex service available with no time restrictions.

As well as caring for their customers, tech companies also understand the need to care for themselves. For example, Amazon have set in place plans for their medical care department to start picking up and delivering at-home testing kits to employees. That process has already started in Seattle’s King County.

It is all a part of a worldwide understanding that only by working together will we overcome this crisis.