At RealMac IT, our goal is to help businesses excel with maximum efficiency and minimal interruption. RealMac IT offers Apple automated support.


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Apple Remote Support

Experiencing Apple Mac technical problems? Call Real Mac IT Apple Remote Desktop Support in Sydney! Using our remote support option we can connect directly to your screen so you can show us what the problem is right away without having to leave your home or office.

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Managed Services

Need to keep your business running smoothly and seamlessly? Take advantage of our Managed Services to allow your business to get vital support when you need it most.

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Service and Repairs

Got an Apple Mac product that needs repairs or upgrading? We can repair and upgrade all your Apple Mac products so you can get back to work quickly.

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Software Upgrades

Remaining on the cutting edge of new software is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. Whether it’s password management, maximising security, or just a general upgrade, we have your back when it comes to keeping your Mac software up to date.

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Welcome to RealMac IT Apple Remote Support Sydney

Our goal at RealMac IT is to support businesses by helping them operate with maximum efficiency and minimal interruption. Specialising in Apple Mac products, we provide fully automated support and maintenance for customers who are looking to update their current Mac computers and software, or implement entirely new hardware and systems.

Founded by Robert Talevski in 2001, our humble team of passionate technicians live and breathe the Apple Mac ecosystem. As a business, we understand the importance of hardware and software functioning smoothly and the frustration that crashing computers, slow networks, and faults of all kinds can cause. The RealMac IT team believes in taking a proactive approach to IT, in order to not only solve your current Mac issues, but also take preventative steps to make sure they don’t happen again.

One of the innovative services we offer at Real Mac IT is our Managed Services solution. This has been designed to provide clients with software that automates the maintenance process while simultaneously monitoring hardware and software applications.

This cutting-edge tool consistently checks for software updates, hardware faults, and runs seamlessly in the background. Our Managed Services program is the ideal way to keep your business up and running, striking down any issues before they can happen. Any operation issues that do arise are immediately sent to our Sydney-based Mac service and repairs technicians who swiftly deal with the problem.

You can rest easy knowing you have proactive Mac support backing you up 24/7. Looking for a fully integrated workplace? Have a Mac that needs a new hard drive? RealMac IT is here to help you with dedicated Mac on-site support. Located in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, we are a small team of locals who understand the acute network needs of this city. Remotely or on site, if there’s an Apple Mac hardware, software, or maintenance problem you need assistance with we are here to help.

RealMac IT provides you with a system that is guaranteed to make your computers safer and your company stronger.

Get your MacBook Mac Pro Mini iMac upgraded with SSD Storage

Got an older computer that could use a speed boost? Turbo charge that old Mac with a Solid State Drive to get everything moving that much quicker. SSD’s are much faster than older HDD drives, meaning your computer and apps launch in seconds. Not only does SSD storage give you a performance boost, but it is also much more resistant to being dropped or physically damaged, can withstand higher operating temperatures, and they use less power, allowing your laptop battery to last longer. Speed, safety, and stronger battery life — an SSD offers so much more!

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At RealMac IT, our goal is to help businesses excel with maximum efficiency and minimal interruption. RealMac IT offers Apple automated support.

Use our Loan MacBooks & iMacs while yours is being repaired.

Can’t afford to lose access to your Mac for an extended period of time? Well, take advantage of our Loan MacBooks and iMacs and you can keep operating seamlessly as we get your computer running again. While our technicians provide vital Mac service and repair you can continue working as normal.

†Available to approved customers. T&C’s apply.

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At RealMac IT, our goal is to help businesses excel with maximum efficiency and minimal interruption. RealMac IT offers Apple automated support.

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